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4 Years

This week marks FOUR years since we bought and moved into our home. It probably doesn't look like much has changed, but we've done our fair share of work.

The garden was an overgrown mess at the time. I have learned the fine art of weeding am still learning what plants are weeds and which are flowers, lol. I swear that there are different flowers showing up every year! When my parent sold their house down here, my mom pulled some of her Irises out for me to plant in my garden. Mine has them already, but I think there is something special about bringing a piece of my original home with me here. I just hope they took root well and bloom in the Spring. Mom says she's going to send me on a mission to clip some of the forsythia when it blooms next year. She may be on her own there, lol.

Frank put in a walkway from the driveway to the back deck. It took him all Summer to complete in 2011. I have a hundred (and you know I'm not joking about that!) pictures of the process.

Also in 2011 we welcomed Penny into our lives. She has since dug plenty of (SURPRISE) holes in the yard and chewed plenty of molding, shoes, sandals, hats and important stuff that we missed catching her in the act for. She can be a pain in the ass, but I wouldn't change anything💞.

In 2012 we had Scott put up a shed for us. We thought (hoped) it would be easy since the deed to our land showed a shed already on it. Imagine our surprise when some official from the Town of Wappinger showed up and basically put a stop work order on the house. I actually had no clue any of that was going on, I was at work and Frank came home when Scott called to tell him what was going on. We're still wondering if a neighbor ratted us out, or if someone official was just riding around looking to be a pain in the ass! I don't have hundred pictures of the shed... Well maybe I do, lol! Frank has since put a ramp on so that we can wheel the snow blower and law mower in and out. He has also put a couple of shelves in to maximize the room. You can imagine how he acted like he was THE MAN doing that 😉.

This year Frank built me a bird feeder for the deck and installed it. He was tired of the birds and squirrels eating and messing up the deck. So the bird feeder is supposed to make me not have to put food directly on the deck. However, I have so many birds and squirrels come that I don't always follow directions, he he he. Okay, I've probably cut back a tad on covering the railings.

Downstairs has always been sort of a dumping ground/unused room for us. My mom and dad like to visit, now that they don't live here, and for the longest time before their move my mom expressed interest in setting up a space for them downstairs. I was so afraid that she was going to take over the entire place and redecorate that I was VERY resistant for a while. One of the weekends that she was here alone, she coerced me into sorting through all the stuffs downstairs and figuring out what shod stay or go. A lot of it was junk anyway, so we threw a bunch out. Some went to Goodwill and other stuff I wouldn't let her get rid of. So then she rearranged the scant amount of furniture so that half of the room is like a little bedroom. We have the futon that my parents bought us last Christmas there. And the old tv from Frank's old apartment is set up on the old Coffee table (which I hated) from his apartment. There's no cable box downstairs because we already have two upstairs. Why have more than two boxes for just two permanent residents? Anyway, my parents watch tv upstairs with us, if nothing else. Plus there is a full bathroom downstairs, so we don't have to fight for bathroom time when we have over night guests 😀

Probably the last addition/improvement to the house is that we FINALLY picked out and had a storm door put on the front. Ginny wanted to get us one I think two years ago for Christmas and we never got around to it. Frank basically left it up to me to pick out and wouldn't ever go with me to the store- even if it was Lowe's or Home Depot. Finally, my mom was down one weekend in November, when dad went to Florida for a motorcycle event, and she went with me to look at and pick out a door. I'm very happy with the new door. Lowe's did an excellent job.

Other than furniture, it doesn't same like a lot has happened in this house, but looking back our house has become home 🏡 🐶 💕

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