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I'm open to making new friends. Please, however, READ THIS first.

Work flow

Today would have been the best day for a snow day, I have a cold and a true day of bed rest is what I think it needs to escort its way out. But. at least we got a delay and I'm able to finish my report cards. Maybe we'll get it on Thursday. They're talking wintery weather then, too. Well, if we don't use the days now, I think we get them back later on. A long weekend or two in the Spring would be nice :)

The school year is already HALF OVER. In two weeks we all pick up one each of Suzette's classes when she leaves for maternity leave. Currently Nancy and I are covering another teacher's classes while she's on some kind of medical leave. The fat paycheck will be nice, but man is an extra class exhaustive!

As soon as I found out I was doing this other class I told Frank we have to plan a summer vacation trip of some kind. It doesn't have to be far, but we deserve a break. He only used one week of vacation last year and carried over time.

Gotta go finish these report cards. Ugh.

What's up with the hearts where you can comment? Isn't the WHOLE point of this place to write entries and actual comments?

How is Live Journal going to survive if they keep following the likeness of Facebook. Or did I miss it and LJ was sold, too?



Not TMI but this maybe difficult to follow

I had my doctor's appointment with the OBGYN right before Christmas break. All signs point to it being unlikely that increasing the fertility pills by any amount would be successful in getting me pregnant. She said it looks like my ovaries are trying to produce eggs, but the level of Progesterone in my body is so high that it is blocking any chance of the eggs being made. Oh fun. My options are keep trying the fertility pills at higher doses or see a specialist who can shoot me up with a much higher count of estrogen, I think, which still may not be effective. The thing that bothered me about shots is that she said We could take a more AGGRESSIVE approach that way. Just that word turns me off to the idea of the shots. I didn't like fertility drugs and I imagine that the side effects of shots are multiplied by 100 or so.

I have read that Poly cystic ovarian symptoms, or PCOS, which is what I guess I'm officially diagnosed with, may be helped with diet and exercise. From what I understand, it sort of mimics they way hypoglycemia/diabetes is on the body. I asked my doctor if she thought loosing more weight might make a difference and she said it is worth the try. She also sugggested a plant-based diet, which means no animal products including meats, eggs/poultry and dairy in order to avoid the food hormones. It may be extreme to cut all of that out of a diet, but really is it any more extreme than shooting myself up with hormones?

So I did research, and joined a Facebook support group for new vegans. I'm going to TRY this out. Right now, I'm considering myself a vegetarian because I haven't quite cut out eggs and my Shakeology drinks have milk in them as part of their base. There are some vegan options for it, so once I exhaust the supply that I have I'm going to buy a vegan chocolate bag. It is on the expensive side, but I can still afford it. Plus, I've read that it is important to get B12 and the Shakeology has 100% of the daily value for it, so that helps.

I think a lot of people are skeptical about this, including myself. It is a HUGE change for me, I hadn't really thought it would be difficult. But I'm doing my best. Frank is being as supportive as he can be. He went to Shop Rite with me the other night, because they had Gardein products on sale, it is a brand of meat substitutes which are pretty decent, and I wanted to see what their undairy-dairy selection is. Maybe because it was the end of the week, but the choice wasn't great. Anyway, I think he was surprised that I was so intent on these things.

We have TALKED about kids, but until we started trying he said he didn't realize how important it is to me. Like, is there any goal in my life other than having a baby? I don't think he was mad or upset, but it was just a new thing. We're going on 19 years together, so I can understand his point of view. It's not that I have no other goals, but I just feel like all the things that I want to do/places I want to go to I wouldn't mind postponing happening if we could get pregnant... does that make sense?

The First Day of The New Year

Happy New Year, friends. May the year 2017 bring good health and happiness to you all.


A few years ago I did a day on Christmas Eve. Thinking about it, it had to have been 6 years ago, because I was still living in my parents' house! So much has changed in those 6 years... I'm posting both an extended version with stuff after midnight at the beginning of my day for just my friends and the regular version for the ADIML community.

I'm Lisa.
Age 32
Spanish Language teacher
New York, USA (not to be confused with NYC, I actually live a few hours north of it).

I have done a bunch of previous days, but not very recently.

Without further a do, here is Christmas Eve 2014Collapse )

Thanks for following my day :)

4 Years

This week marks FOUR years since we bought and moved into our home. It probably doesn't look like much has changed, but we've done our fair share of work.

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Unity Day 2013

 photo IMG_20131009_1848551.jpgUNITY DAY 2013

“UNITY DAY, October 9th — Join the movement to make it ORANGE and make it end! If you are being bullied, you are not alone. Unite and be a champion against bullying!”

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Name it.

I am thinking about renaming this journal. I don't even know if that's possible, but I would like the name to reflect me a little better since I've grown up so much in the -gulp- NINE years that I've now had it. I don't post nearly as much as I used to, but I would like to get back to it for various reasons. We shall see where this goes...


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